Spotify Is In The Live Audio Game

This surprisingly went under the radar, especially as Clubhouse’s popularity has fallen.

But Spotify has its own live audio app called GreenRoom.

It’s a reimagining of another app called LockerRoom, which only focused on sports.

That seems to be the entry point for this, but there’s something else that separates it from Clubhouse.

From the article above:

Functionality-wise, it also now features native recording, which will allow users to save their shows and distribute them as podcasts.


Spotify is about to own a key part in podcast creation — making it even for creators to repurpose their content.


It’s Easy, But Simple. And Helpful.

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A cab driver from Ethiopia.

A grocery store checkout clerk from Kurdistan.

The kid who lost his whole family in a civil war in Cameroon.

These are just a few of the students who were in my community college writing classes. Many of them were non-native speakers or others who hadn’t been in a classroom in a very long time. But then you had others who were conventionally successful, on their way to top universities.

They had all of these life experiences and were sitting in my class in Nashville, Tennessee of all places.

And then there I was in…

Or “Niksen” if you need a trendy name.

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This past Saturday was one of those Saturdays where I didn’t have a lot sketched out.

My daughters had a soccer game. Thankfully we were done by 11 am. (When you have kids, time hits differently).

We ordered lunch. Subs from our local deli.


We painted with watercolor.

Then we talked to our neighbors outside.

I grabbed my skateboard, and the girls rode their bikes.

Before dinner, we tried paper airplanes.

If you would ask me, I’d say we did nothing all day.

Even though that isn’t exactly true. And we were in a pretty good mood. …

A Quick Refresher Before Leaving Your House

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Most of the restaurants and coffee shops are open to guests again!

You are free to drag your laptop to a rickety table, drink a frappe whatever, and now check Twitter in a new setting that’s not your couch.

But guess what? Times have changed.

There’s new etiquette for working at coffee shops, so heads up:

1. Respect the Plexiglass

Masks may have gone away (for now) but I don’t think the Plexiglass will. It’s all good. No barista wants you sneezing on their credit card machine. Your grubby hands don’t need to be back there.

And you know what? Don’t try and peer…

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Write what you know and write what your are passionate about is now such accepted wisdom, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Those platitudes have become as cliched as living, laughing, and loving.

But you know what’s better than writing about your passion?

Writing for profit.

Because then you can pay your bills, buy food, save.

And anyone who’s tried to write about the arts especially will realize it’s not that profitable.

What can you do?

  • Develop a different skill
  • Write about something that other people are interested in, and learn to be interested in it

Caveat: There are…


I remembered a few days ago about how I liked making short creative essays. You know, like the ones I used to do here on Medium.

But there’s a problem. I’ve changed. You’ve changed. Medium has changed.

II use medium now primarily to write about writing (lol) marketing & other creative stuff while the real creative stuff can’t be here anymore.

Oh the irony, I know, I’m aware.

But wait, wait, wait hold up. there’s still a place for you.

If you enjoyed the stuff I used to do or feel completely bored or just want a fellow traveler…

5 Things To Remember

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I work with several freelancers on a regular basis in my day job as a marketer. I don’t have to go over this with most of the freelancers I work with — they’re experienced and I try to be clear.

If you’re starting out as a freelancer, here are a few things to remember about editors:

1. There are certain requirements. We’re not trying to be mean.

Editors have certain requirements. We like your flowery prose or your heartbreaking conclusion, but we have to make changes anyway. We’re trying to rank on Google. Or perform better on social. Or just not get the CEO mad who doesn’t like the number 13…

Hello again,

Josh from Create Make Write.

2 new posts for you:

This is an important one and something I think about alot. I have a mental checklist that I go through with in my head. These questions help clarify it.

I understand that you probably won’t do an outline for every post. And that makes sense. But they especially help when you have a complex topic or aren’t sure where to go next. Check it out!

Anything else?

A few weeks ago, I…

Josh Spilker

Writer, Marketer, & Content Strategist for Unicorn Startups.

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