Quick Note-Taking Cheat Sheet & Template

Notes + Organization = Your Productivity in Overdrive

Josh Spilker
3 min readNov 8, 2023
Free-floating note-taking

A few weeks ago, I started writing more about note-taking and I’ve had a lot of interest, comments, and questions.

To help everyone, I put together this free cheat sheet and template in Notion to get you going.

Why You Need This:

🧠 Master Your Writing: You need something to say. You get there by research, observation, and taking good notes along the way. Excel in your writing and projects with superior note-taking skills that keep you engaged and organized.

📊 Boost Your Awareness: Increase your efficiency in reading and learning by capturing important details effortlessly.

🌟 Stand Out: Elevate your knowledge and skills, proving to yourself and others that you’re committed to self-improvement.

Below you’ll see several of the core steps that will help you with your note-taking.