Quick Thoughts on “Daisy Jones & The Six”

Josh Spilker
2 min readApr 8
  1. This is the semi-new show on Amazon Prime
  2. I didn’t read the book
  3. Side note: Taylor Jenkins Reid, the author of the book, has been on a tear and has more projects being adapted
  4. I saw people referencing Almost Famous with this, but it was really more A Star is Born. Especially because of the creative-romantic tension at the heart of the TV show
  5. That said, it takes a few turns. The lead character goes to rehab very early on. The other lead character doesn’t, for a while. You think they’re going to get together…and that tension lasts until the end
  6. I’d probably go one episode shorter in length, the Greece episode was a bit of a drag.
  7. I think they’re needed to be more scenes with Riley Keough as Daisy off-stage, some of those concert bits drug on, especially when they played the same things over and over.
  8. The 70s pop-rock music isn’t really my thing, but I stayed with the show because I like watching movies and shows about the creative process
  9. That said, it kind of conforms to the idea that you need drugs/alcohol/unrest to be “creative” — the ones in the band who are more stable aren’t the creative people. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, even the show portrays it that way

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Josh Spilker