Quick Thoughts on the Oscars

Josh Spilker
1 min readMar 13


I didn’t watch the Oscars.

I’ve been traveling and couldn’t get the ABC television thing figured out.

Funny enough, I first watched big winner Everything Everywhere All at Once on the plane, coming home from Belize.

And after watching it, I really did think it should win. It was fun. It was interesting. It tweaked a current, popular form (multiverse).

It was also serious, just about how tense families can be and how that can also seem like the *whole* world hinges on those personal relationships.

I thought it was a good compromise film too, as far as audiences go. It wasn’t a boring talker like Tar or Banshees. (I liked Banshees more than Tar).

It had action, not on the level of Top Gun or Avatar, but yeah a general moviegoer who may have never heard of this movie until today could find something to like.

EEAO will be rewatched and talked about more in the next few years than either Nomadland or Coda, the past two winners.

Everything Everywhere All At Once was — for lack of a better word — the middlebrow choice, and the right one.



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