Facebook goes for Twitter & Mastodon

Josh Spilker
1 min readMar 10, 2023

This makes way too much sense.

Facebook is pulling its Instagram lead onto this text-based product, making it decentralized as well.

It’s Twitter meets Mastodon meets Reddit.

Building a decentralized network could also give Meta the opportunity for its new app to interoperate with other social products — a previously unheard-of gesture from a company known for building some of the most lucrative walled gardens in the industry’s history.

Like Twitter communities at scale.

The only issue I see is that many of the journos/thought leaders who provide the lifeblood stream of information on Twitter will not want to join a Meta product.

Perhaps it would be better with the Whatsapp integration.

There’s also an interesting play here, if Meta lets Facebook (the app) bleed dry, and then there’s a network of this Twitter/Reddit hybrid, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Those products seem more promising for the next 10 years as Facebook withers into a more visually appealing Craigslist.