A few months ago, I said I was ending the Create Make Write publication on Medium.

I lied — sort of.

I’m keeping the name. I want to keep the spirit of it. I’m trying out a new system and you can subscribe at joshspilker.substack.com

This will be 1 weekly article about online writing and creating. I may publish more things via Medium, but you’ll hear from me 1x per week on Tuesdays there.

The first one goes out tomorrow!

I’ll share more about some of this in the future.

If this is all too crazy for you, I understand. If you want to see what’s next, you can find me at https://joshspilker.substack.com/

That’s https://joshspilker.substack.com/

See you on the other side.

Keep going & happy holidays,

Josh Spilker @ Create Make Write